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Brian Hines (Biography)

Brian Hines is perhaps one of the finest producers in the music industry today!

A Native of Mobile, Alabama, from a family of six: Father, mother, one sister and two brothers, Brian arrived on the music scene in 1995 as a drummer and guitarist and then later ventured into playing the organ and piano! In 1996, as a 16 year-old gifted, self- taught musician he began writing and composing songs! Through out the 1990’s he attended music workshops and continued to increase his knowledge.

Brian has made a well-respected name for himself as a professional among the music industry’s most elite record labels, producers, artists and musician communities. He has touched the hearts of many through the power of music and the essence of song nation-wide. Possessing multiple musical attributes such as pianist, drummer, organist, producer, songwriter, composer, choral conductor, music director and minister of music. He brings a level of professionalism and sophistication to any performance hall. He is also accomplished in audio & video recording, music production, sings backing vocals and possesses high -level skills as an audio/ sound engineer.

Brian is the founder and owner of UNIQUE MUZIK & The MUSIC LAB STUDIOS in Mobile, Alabama. He has dedicated his life in providing national & world -wide recording artists with today’s innovative sound. He has worked with Grammy award-winning producer Kevin Bond, Jeremy Haynes, Calvin Rodgers, Donald Hayes, Jonathan Dubose, Trent Phillips, Michael Bereal, Justin Savage and a host of other gifted minstrels. His unique approach to music is coupled with super- clean, innovative, sophisticated ideas! His style and flavor is one that is truly original and definitely like none other anywhere from music production to incredible vocal arrangements.

He has collaborated with and produced projects for artists that include: Dr. Yvonne Capehart, founder of Sister Keeper International Ministries Crusade; The Davis Family, Chosen, Vision II XIT, Rite Direction, Diane Washington, Apostle Ernest Gwinn & the Church of Glory, Sonia Daniels, Richard Ross among others.

Brian’s strong leadership and production expertise is vital to the success of upcoming artists and bands. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Music Education with a specialization in voice and piano at the University Of Mobile.

Additionally, Brian is an associate member in the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) and has been a featured artist at Bay Fest, Mobile, AL., an annual musical festival that showcases 125 live musical acts and attracts over 200,000 guests.

In 2009, Brian proudly introduced himself to the gospel nation by releasing his debut album titled “It’s Not Over” – a compilation project. In August of 2010, Brian founded G.C.N.M.S (Gulf Coast’s New Music Spotlight), an event that was the first of it’s kind on the Gulf Coast’s and made history, giving new artist and other unsigned talent exposure, recognition, promotion and assistance in launching their music careers! His latest public contribution was the formation of the “Lift Your Voice & Sing” Gospel Talent Show and the release of his new CD single entitled “GIVE GOD THE PRAISE” featuring C. Ashley Brown.

Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to experience the difference, experience Brian C. Hines, the industry’s standard of excellence.




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